We know that it will be very exciting for a furry and cute member of your family to be able to fall in love, socialize, find a couple, but remember that for this reason you are communicating with a human you do not know! You must always be careful when communicating. Prioritize your safety when making initial messages or meeting in person. While you may not be able to control the actions of others, there are also things you can do to help you stay safe during your Hot-Pet experience.

Online Security.

Never send money or share Financial Information

It is strictly forbidden to trade animals within or through this application or to be an intermediary in this and similar situation. Never send money, especially via bank transfer, even if for this reason or the person you are talking to claims that their pet or himself is in an emergency. Making a bank transfer is like sending cash. It's almost impossible to reverse the transaction or track where the money went. Never share information that can be used to access your financial accounts. If another user asks you for money, tries to sell you a pet, let us know immediately.

Protect Your Personal Information

Never share personal information, such as your Social Security number, home or work address, or details about your daily routine (such as walking your dog in a particular location every Monday) with people you don't know

Stay On The Platform

Keep conversations on the Hot-pet platform as you try to get to know a pet and its family. Malicious users often try to move the chat immediately to SMS, messaging apps, email or phone.

Pet mating and puppy sharing agreement

This agreement, which is among the agreements that you accept when a user account is opened on the platform, confirms the legal sharing of puppies that will be born after a match that will consist of pet friendships that will be acquired, in this way. The user is deemed to have legally committed to the requirements of this agreement. If you can, still keep it hidden by signing the contract on paper. Detailed information of each user is reserved by us, even if you do not see it. If you notice any disconnection or suspicious speech or behavior in the communication established by the pet family after the match, please let us know immediately.

Cat sample contract Dog sample contract

In practice, it is forbidden to have a paid pet or be an intermediary!

Hot-Pet is a platform created only to make it easier for your pet to communicate freely with his or her species, just like you. Anyone who uses the Hot-Pet app first within the borders of the Republic of Turkey Food, Agriculture and livestock according to 5996 law released by the Ministry of animal production, sale, housing, places of education and published in the Official Gazette numbered and dated October 2011 about 8 28078, is responsible for the regulations.

It is then subject to regulations and legislation related to the sale of pet animals in the laws of the country in which it lives. For this reason, it is forbidden to participate in any direct or indirect sale of animals on the platform. If you receive a request about this, please let us know.

Do not contact pets from another city or country.

You can only socialize and match your pet in the city and country where you are your own. Remember. Do not give priority to pet families who are in your country or city for a holiday or temporary period. Consider subsequent miscommunication and non-follow-up.

Report all suspicious and disturbing behavior

You notice when someone crosses the line and we need to know when they do. Block and report anyone who violates our Terms. Here are some examples of violations:

Protect Your Account

Be sure to select a strong password and always be careful when logging into your account from a public or public computer. Hot-pet will never send you an email asking for your username and password

if you receive an email asking for account information, let us know immediately.

Face-To-Face Dating

Don’t Rush

Take the time before you agree to meet or chat outside of the Hot-pet and try to get to know the pet's environment and family. Don't be afraid to ask questions for any danger signs or personal reasons that disrupt the deal. A phone or video call can be a useful scanning tool before meeting.

Meet in public places and stay there

See in a crowded, public place for the first few times (cat owners too). Choose park or garden environments. Never meet at your home, pet family home, or any other private place. End the appointment if the person forces you to go to a private place on the first call.

Tell your friends and family about your plans

Tell a friend or family member your plans, including when and where to go. Don't go alone, if possible. Always keep your mobile phone with you and charged.

Before taking your pet to another house Before hosting your own cat or dog in another pet house, if possible, get your furry friend registered and chipped to your person. Do not hand over your pet's report card and ID to the other party for any reason. Do not respond to any material requests from the other party, even after receiving your pet. Do not entrust if you are not sure of the identity information and address of the person you delivered. Get visual evidence, correspondence, or even a pet contract on your side when delivering.

Remember, you are the only one in charge of your pet!

Be In Control Of Your Transportation

We want you to check how to get back and forth to your meeting so that you can leave at any time. If you're driving yourself, it's a good idea to have a backup plan, such as a ride-sharing app or a friend to pick you up.

Do not leave drinks or personal items unattended!

Know where the treats come from and where they are at all times. Do not accept treats on home visits if possible. Accept only drinks served directly by the bartender or waiter on outdoor meetings. Many substances that are thrown into drinks to facilitate sexual assault are odorless, colorless and tasteless. Also, always keep your phone, purse, wallet, and anything that contains your personal information with you.

If You Feel Uncomfortable, Leave.

If it bothers you, it's okay to end the appointment early. If you don't feel safe, you never have to leave your pet if you don't find the environment healthy. If your instincts tell you that something is wrong or that you feel unsafe, immediately leave the environment, or if you are in an outside environment, seek help from the waiter or around you.