Community Rules.

Welcome to the Hot-Pet community. If you are honest, kind, and respectful of others, you are always welcome here. If you don't choose to be like this, you won't be able to stay here for long. Our goal is to ensure that users can express themselves freely, as long as it does not cause discomfort to other people. At Hot-Pet, everyone is subject to equal standards. We ask you to be understanding, to think before you do anything, to adhere to community principles in online and offline actions. Your offline behavior may cause your Hot-Pet account to be cancelled.

Below is a list of our community principles. If you violate any of these principles, you may be banned from Hot-Pet. We're serious, you don't want us to threaten you by grrrrr — because once we do, we won't take it back. We recommend that you report any behavior that violates our principles and read our principles of Sniff Safely.

Inappropriate Content

We'll insist on reminding you every time. You speak only for your pet! Please be polite and behave appropriately for public consumption. Nudity should not be sexual content, and the practice should not contain personal desires. Please use the app clean.


Do not engage in any targeted abuse or harassment against other users or encourage others to be found. This includes sharing your personal visual content with a suitable pet ( hence the parent you are talking to). Harassment, threats, bullying or similar complaints are taken very seriously by us.

Violence and physical harm

We do not allow images of violence, brutality or blood on Hot-Pet, or any violent, threatening behavior or content, including threatening and inciting terror. Physical assault, oppression and any violent behavior are strictly prohibited. Content that advocates or glorifies suicide or self-harm is also not allowed. In these cases, we can take several steps to assist the user, including contacting crisis sources.

Specific Information

Do not explicitly publish private information belonging to yourself or anyone else. This includes Social Security numbers, passports, passwords, financial information or unlisted contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, home/work addresses.

Message Downpour

Don't be fake. Real. Do not use Hot-Pet to redirect people to other websites via a link or in a different way.

Promotion or insistently request

It is forbidden to force other users in Hot-Pet. There is no problem inviting the pet owner to an event or place where you are making your matches, but we may delete your account if the purpose of your profile is to advertise your event or business or product. We're excited for your pet shop discount next week, but please don't use Hot - pet to advertise it.

Pet Trade

Owning or brokering any pet for free or for a fee is strictly prohibited and will result in the account being banned from Hot-pet. In addition, he will be pursued for punishment under the law, where he is on the borders of the country where he lives legally.

Committing Fraud

Hot-Pet has a zero tolerance policy against any looting behavior. Any person attempting to obtain other users ' personal information for fraud or illegal activities may be prohibited. Your own financial account information (PayPal, Iyzco, etc.))) any user who shares to get money from other users may also be banned from Hot-pet.

Speak for yourself.

Be your pet! Do not communicate on behalf of yourself or any other person! Remember, there are many social media platforms for you to socialize with, and Hot-Pet is only for your furry friend! Do not deviate from your purpose, take away the right of this platform from it and never use it for your own personal interests. If we receive a refund from a user related to this issue, your account may be banned. Do not impersonate any person or organization, or misrepresent your affiliation, affiliation, or association. This includes parody accounts

Age Limit

To use Hot-pet, you must be 18 years old or older. And in this case, we do not allow children to open accounts. If you want your children on the app, please make sure you use the same account. If you have questions about your personality , age and how you look, your personal life on any pet account, please complain instantly.

Illegal use.

Do not use Hot-Pet to do anything illegal. If it's illegal in real life, it's also illegal on Hot-Pet.

A Pet, An Account

Hot-Pet accounts cannot belong to more than one pet, so do not create an account on behalf of your friend or lover's pet. Also, please don't upload different pet photos into an account and speak on behalf of someone else's peti. Even if it is not installed in our automatic filter, it will certainly be installed in us and you can be banned from Hot-Pet. But you can open other accounts for different pads in a profile, so you can review our membership packages

Third-Party Applications

Does not allow the use of third-party applications and software created by persons other than Hot-Pet.

Account Inactivity

Using Hot-Pet is always fun! Use Hot-Pet when walking with your dog on the beach, use Hot-Pet when the month of February (known months of movement ) is approaching. Use Hot-Pet to calm down when you're upset, on vacation, or looking at sweet cat and dog photos, because if you don't log in to Hot-Pet within 1 year, we may delete your account for inactivity.


At Hot-Pet:

To send us a quick and confidential complaint, swipe a line from your match list to the left and click the "complain" button. Click on the following icon from your message screen and send us a quick and confidential complaint: ฀

Open a user profile when scrolling, click on the icon below and send us a quick and confidential complaint: ฀

Outside Hot-Pet:

Contact local security forces if necessary, then contact us from here.